The ESN Oktoberfest Trip: ESN The Netherlands X Yes-Trips




Have you always wanted to visit Oktoberfest🤩 but never had the time⌛ to plan it? Then this is the perfect opportunity to join and taste amazing beer🍻 whilst wearing proper lederhosen, singing German Schlagers, and eating real pretzels🥨 all day long!
Even though the official Oktoberfest has been canceled, Yes-Trips still has you covered🥳. We have booked a real Munich beer hall🏢 exclusively for Erasmus students. This way we will be able to offer you a true Oktoberfest experience while keeping all regulations into account. 💯
Travel with other students🧳, create amazing memories together, and have a great time without all the fuss of organizing the trip🔥!
NOTE: There are only 250 tickets available for all Erasmus students in the Netherlands. It is essential that you get your ticket as soon as you can to ensure participation in this fantastic cultural event.
You can get more information about the trip here:
And your tickets via this link: 
What's included in the 139 euro?
✔️ Travel back and forth through the night to Munich so that you don’t miss a thing. Coaches will depart from every Dutch city from which the ESN section is participating.
✔️ 2 Travel Guides, who will make sure that you have a great time.
✔️ City tour around the beautiful city of Munich
✔️ Hostel accommodation with your fellow students
✔️ Interactive app with all information regarding the trip
✔️ Oktoberfest party in an official beer hall
✔️ Afterparty
Tickets are available starting Tuesday the 31st of August at 20:00.
**For more information (or to just to say ‘Hi’), email:**