ISN Presents: Start Sales Dutch Lessons

Registration Deadline: 3rd of February



Always wanted to learn a bit of Dutch? Want to make the most of your experience in Amsterdam? We’ve got you covered!
Each semester ISN Amsterdam organizes Dutch lessons at a discounted price in collaboration with Taalhuis Amsterdam.
We offer one course of 12 weeks. The course takes place every Monday OR Thursday, starting January 11th OR 14th. The course is structured as follows: six weeks of classes, then a one-week break for exams, and then six weeks of classes (once per week) again. With this 12-week course, you will have (around) level A1 skills by the end. It is possible to receive a certificate of participation from Taalhuis Amsterdam.
Our Dutch Lessons offer:
Both classes will start online!
Every Monday from 17:30h until 19:00h
(12 weeks of classes (€150) including a lesson book (25€) = €175)
Monday’s course has a maximum of 5 people, with also the possibility to become physical after the restrictions change. So you have to take that into account when you choose to do this course.
Every Thursday from 17:30h until 19:00h
(12 weeks of classes (€140) including a lesson book (25€) = €165)
This course will continue to be online for 12 weeks.
If you’re not able to pick up the lesson book, I will send you a link where you can buy it online after you filled in the google form.
The deadline to sign up is on Thursday 5th of January before 16:00h.
For more information, send an email to: