ESN Amsterdam Presents: Neon party – social



Hi everyone! Autumn has started and the darker days are to come…🌚 We got you! On next Social Wednesday’s edition you’ll be glowing in the dark! ESN Amsterdam presents NEON PARTY🌈 Dress code: ideally white so you can glow with the neon light✨ if you don’t have any white clothes, don’t worry! We’ll hand out plenty of colourful wristbands and glowy paint! Due to limited capacity it is only possible to enter with a ticket. We don’t do refunds so if you cannot come try to sell your ticket in on of our ESN Amsterdam WhatsApp groups 😄 Please be on time as the entrance will close at 22:00! In addition, this event is mainly for UvA and HvA/AUAS. Since the new government regulations apply for this event you will need a valid QR code from the CoronaCheckApp and you also need to bring you ID to validate your identity. This is very important as without these you cannot enter!