ESN Amsterdam Presents: Dutch Lessons Course with Taalhuis


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Want to learn Dutch during your exchange year in Amsterdam? ESN Amsterdam got you covered!
We will start the sales this Saturday 21st through Eventix. You can find the tickets here!
The Dutch Lessons Course is a 12-week course. The classes will start in the week of the 13th of September. And you will have a week free during exams in the week of 25th of October.
For the lessons you need a workbook, you will need to pick this up at Taalhuis. For the online course, we also give the option to buy your own book online (find more information below).
We offer 3 different groups, 2 are physical and 1 is online.
Physical at Muiderstraat: €175 (incl. book)
Every Monday 17:30-19:00h (max. of 7 people) = FULL
Every Tuesday 9:30-11:00h (max. of 7 people)
Online €160 (incl. workbook)
Every Thursday 17:30h-19:00h (max. of 10 people).
When you're not able to pick up your workbook at Taalhuis because you are not located in Amsterdam, we also offer the course without workbook for €135,- . In this case you will have to buy your own book through this link:
Extra conditions:
- You need to be a student of UvA or AUAS.
- You need to be a member of ESN Amsterdam (meaning you have to have your ESNCard, you can buy that through the same link)
- The courses need to reach the full amount of participants for them to occur.