ESN Amsterdam Presents: Dutch culture museum



Are you interested in learning more about the Dutch Golden Age and the two greatest Dutch artists of all time - Rembrandt and Van Gogh? Then we’ve got you covered! Come join us for an amazing 360° experience for all senses telling the story of Rembrandt and Vincent 🎨 This event will take place next Saturday, October 2nd from 12:30 at Noorderkerk Church, Amsterdam. The price of the ticket for exhibition with ESNcard is €6.50, without ESNcard €8.50. Make sure to bring your ESNcard if you purchase the option with ESNcard price. There are limited spots for this event, so don’t miss out on the opportunity and go grab your tickets here: Since there are new government regulations in place from September 25th onwards, in order to participate you need to show your QR code from the CoronaCheckApp in the entrance as well as your ID to validate your identity. It is very important that you have this!