A Fairy Tale of two cities: ESN Maastricht X ISN Amsterdam

14th of April!
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Wanna explore Amsterdam or Maastricht? ISN Amsterdam and ESN Maastricht are connecting two cities, in this city scavenger hunt!
During this activity, you will be paired with a student currently at the Opposite university. Together you will work together to solve the missing parts of a story (Released Wednesday 10:00), the missing parts will be landmarks and locations in Amsterdam and Maastricht. To find these, clues will of course be given to you. So go out in your own city and you will able to win a nice prize!
The ESN team is inviting you to be part of this EPIC race against time and other teams!!! Get in the streets of Amsterdam + Maastricht and have fun with us in our epic event taking place on Wednesday, 14th 2021! What is waiting for you?
Being paired up with another person from a different city
Discovery of nice places in Amsterdam+Maastricht
Solving the Story
Surprise for the winner (fastest solve) in each of the cities!
Finally, we will have a zoom session at 20:00 to discuss the right answers together and see what everyone has handed in!