29th October 2020

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Daniel – Editor


James & Sol – Reporter

ISN Wednesday’s: Among Us (7th October 2020) – By James

With Coco’s Outback no longer being the spotlight for ISN Amsterdam on Wednesday nights, I joined ISN Amsterdam’s first edition of ‘Online Wednesdays’ on the 7th October over Discord. Debuting the event would be ‘Among Us’ – a game which I haven’t taken my eyes off since it went viral earlier this year. 

What is Among Us? Firstly – it’s a great way for a large group of friends to come together. The game is set on a spaceship and is based off of deduction. At the beginning, each member is assigned the role of ‘crewmate’ or ‘imposter’. The majority are crewmates, whose aim is to complete tasks onboard to save the spaceship. However, in and amongst everyone lie between 1-3 imposters. Their aim is to kill the crewmates whilst they complete their tasks. Players remain silent for the majority of the game, and only allowed to talk during ‘meetings’. These can be initiated upon reporting the death of a crewmate, or by pressing the ‘emergency’ button.

As an imposter, I would use my favourite ‘sabotage’ in the game: turning the lights off. Whilst crewmates remain in the blind, myself and the other imposter could go off on a killing spree until the lights get fixed.

As a crewmate, I would follow people I suspect were imposters, and see if they would actually be completing their tasks. You can see this in the task completion meter of the game. Most of the time this worked, but this tactic was risky. I could be dubbed as a ‘third imposter’, where I help the imposter vote innocent people whilst they sit back and win the game!

Will you be successful as crewmates, or will the imposters get to you? Among Us is a great way to be able to sniff out who the best (and worst) liars are in your friendship group; who can you trust and who you can’t. More so, Among Us was just one of many ways that ISN can bring you together. There is always something going on every Wednesday at 8:00pm, so don’t forget to follow us on social media to find out!

CoronaMelder: the App that makes the change

Have you already heard of the Coronamelderapp that has been downloaded for over 2,5 million times? If not, you should definitely get it. The app fights against the spread of the coronavirus in the Netherlands with a smart and easy algorithm:

First, you download the app on App Store or Google Play (*links) and set up your account.

If you have been in close contact with someone *(for over 15 minutes) who turns out to have COVID-19, you will get a notification.  You can also find information on the app about what you are then recommended to do. The app itself doesn’t know who both of you are or where you’ve met, it only knows what day it was. 

If you yourself have been tested positive and you know who the people are that you have been in contact with, the app will take care that the GGD (health organization in the Netherlands) calls these people without mentioning your name if you prefer. But, it’s also likely you have been in close contact (for again over 15 minutes) with people you don’t know. To solve this problem, you can report it with the GGD, so CoronaMelder can give a notification to all people who have been in close contact with you.

Every download of this app counts. Keep in mind that: “Alleen samen krijgen wij corona onder controle” (Translation: “Only together can we get a hold of corona”)

21 Days of Sustainability – By Sol Cristina

Since the 10th of October was the day of Sustainability, UvA Green Office challenged us to participate in the 21 days of Sustainability. You probably have seen stories of people participating in the challenge on ISN’s Instagram (such as growing their own food or picking up trash), and I too have tried my best to follow along. With the following picture, they gave us fun ideas to be more sustainable:

The first idea that caught my eye was “Eat Vegan for a week”. I am already a vegetarian, so I figured going vegan for a week was not going to be that hard. YouTube is the place to be for these recipes: I have found many that were not only easy to follow but also very delicious. I recommend saving some vegan recipes that you can do every now and then to bring more variety to your lunches or dinners. 

While I was working on my vegan recipes, I have also been focusing on zero-waste eating. For zero-waste eating, you can start buying more from organic stores, like I have done in the past weeks; or in general, put more thought into your food and how much you actually need, so that you don’t overbuy. Less waste is less cleaning, so that’s also a great incentive to start becoming more zero-waste. Plus, it will save you money. In short, it’s not only good for the environment, but also good for you. Remember: more does not necessarily mean more value!

It does take some effort to try out these sustainable ideas, but there are also things you can start doing right now. These are, for example: lowering the temperature of your house, taking shorter and cold showers, or using a reusable face mask. And don’t forget to use that free time on your train ride to listen to podcasts on sustainability. Every small change, is a change. 

So, are you in for the challenge? 


Halloween is creeping up on us, so get you costumes ready and your candy out. ISN Amsterdam wishes you all a spooky Halloween! Currently we are putting up stories on our Instagram and we hope that you can join us on this spooky holiday!

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