Buddy program

ESN Amsterdam organises a buddy program every semester for all new incoming
international/exchange students. Imagine coming to a new city and not any knowing familiar
faces, the language, culture etc can be a daunting experience. To make this experience easy
going, fun and exciting, we have the Buddy program, where we pair up students who have lived
in Amsterdam for a while with international students. They can share their experiences and
knowledge in order to help you with an easy transition, be it student friendly grocery shops,
eateries or housing related guidance. Participating in our program is a wonderful way to
connect with students, meet new people, gain insights about the city or different cultures.

In this program, five international students are paired up with one local student. Thus, after you sign up, you will be provided with the contact details of your local buddy and group members. At the beginning of the semester we will organize a meet-up with all participants of the Buddy Program and along with that we will also host two or three activities/events for you and your buddies. The matches are created to the best of our abilities however, it might also happen that there is not necessarily a ‘click’ with your buddy or that they are not responsive. To cater to that, we have buddy groups and buddy activities, other events and borrels (Dutch for social drinks) where you will definitely be able to meet local and other international students! However, you can always contact us if your local buddy does not respond at all.

Applications for the first semester of 2021/2022 are open! You can find the sign up buttons in the tab below.

DEADLINE: 15th of August at midnight

You will receive the contact details of your local buddy and fellow international buddies by 23rd of August.

If you have any other questions, send an email to integration@isn-amsterdam.nl

In light of recent developments regarding the Covid-19 situation, the Buddy Program will most likely look differently than previous years. We will be following government guidelines, which means that certain events such as the Buddy Meet-up may have to take place online. All participants will be updated via email.


Become a local buddy 

Any Dutch local student or international student who has lived in Amsterdam for a while are welcome to become a local buddy! The aim of this program is to help international students easily transit and integrate into their new lives in Amsterdam. Most international students who come to study in Amsterdam do not know much about the city except for the typical tourist stereotypes.

As a local buddy, you could help international students buy their very first bike, share your knowledge regarding university life or take them to discover the hidden treasures of Amsterdam. What type of buddy you want to be is completely up to you. You could meet up for coffee or drinks, have dinners or go for a stroll around town with your buddies. Who knows, you might get a good friendship out of the experience! So if this sounds interesting to you then don’t forget to sign up.

Get a local buddy 

Welcome, are you an incoming student, who’s looking for someone to answer your questions concerning university, housing or buying your (first) bike? Or would you like someone to take you to that one cute coffee house, or recommend you the best club in town? Join our Buddy Program and
meet a local student who can show you around Amsterdam!

Applications are open! DEADLINE: 15th of August at midnight.