Buddy Program

ESN Amsterdam organizes a buddy program every semester for all new incoming international/exchange students. Imagine coming to a new city and not any knowing familiar faces, the language, culture etc can be a daunting experience. To make this experience easy going, fun and exciting, we have the Buddy program, where we pair up students who have lived in Amsterdam for a while with international students. They can share their experiences and knowledge in order to help you with an easy transition, be it student friendly grocery shops, eateries or housing related guidance. Participating in our program is a wonderful way to connect with students, meet new people, gain insights about the city or different cultures.


Language Exchange Program

Learning a new language on your own can be tough. As hard as you try to dedicate to listening to audio, using flashcards or online resources, it can be a difficult and lonesome journey. So here’s a fun, alternative option: a language exchange partner. By meeting a friendly face or in groups in an informal setting, you will not only be able to learn a new language but also at the same time make new friends and get to know about their different cultures. So, does this sound interesting to you then the Language Exchange Program is a perfect fit for you!


Dutch Lessons

Are you interested in learning the Dutch language? Want to make the most out of your experience in Amsterdam? Then we’ve got you covered! In collaboration with the language institute Taalhuis Amsterdam, ESN Amsterdam organizes a 12-week Dutch course at beginner’s level. By the end of this course you will be at par with A1 level skills. Moreover, upon successful completion of the course it is possible to receive a certification from Taalhuis Amsterdam.


Social Erasmus and Erasmus in Schools

ESN Amsterdam is set on giving international students the chance to get to know their new environment better through the project Social Erasmus. By participating in volunteering activities or through collaborating with Nonprofit Organisations, students are able to gain new perspectives of their locality whilst also at the same time give back to the community and enrich the latter.

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