• Apr 7 at 6 AM – Apr 14 at 6 AM

  • Tuesday 7th of April at 21.00 from the Amstel Station

  • 239 Euros

Yes! You have voted and your opinion was loud and clear. During the Supertrip we will be visiting: Prague, Budapest and Vienna! 3 Capital cities in 6 super fun and crazy days filled with great food, good company, cultural activities and parties. Our partners from Yes-Trips will show you all the sights during the day and together we will make sure it will be the best trip you’ll go on this semester!



What’s included:
Transportation in a touring car
Hostels in the city centre except for the night when we head from Prague to Budapest.
Yes-Trips guides
A city tour in every city and a castle tour in Prague and Budapest
Evening programs in every city
Interactive app with the full schedule and info per city
Optional pub crawl in Prague

Tickets will go on sale the 12th of February @ 21.00, so make sure to write that down. Last year tickets sold out within the first hour so make sure to get yours asap!

TICKET LINK: https://shop.eventix.io/21864161-1769-410b-a038-be6b2ad9762f/tickets