ISN Presents: Writing Letters to the Elderly – HOLIDAY Edition

4th December – Friday 17:00

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Want to write letters to the elderly? Be more part of our community? Fight against loneliness together?
Join our initiative by making some elderly happy with a nice Christmas card on their doorstep.
As part of integrating nicely into Dutch society and having the opportunity to ‘give back’, we came up with a special Holiday event: “Writing cards to elderly”.
In times of Corona, loneliness is around the corner for everyone and especially the elderly. We thought writing cards to the elderly for the Holidays would be a nice way to fight against this. This is a nice way of perhaps learning some Dutch new words and is a good way of contributing during the holiday season. If you’re interested in joining this initiative, please fill in this google form and we will give you more information!
Also, make sure to tell your friends!
On the 4th of December, you can pick up the cards. You will receive another email with the addresses for this when you fill in the google form. There will also be a Zoom that you can join to make the cards together on the 4th at 17:00h. If you cannot make it, we will prepare some Dutch sentences for you to add in your cards if you want to. Make sure you have your written cards dropped off by the 11th of December! This way we can provide the cards and stamps for you, and we will put all the cards in the mail. There will be several drop-off points made available, you will also receive this in the mail 🙂 You are more than welcome to write more than one card, so please feel free to do so!
If you’re not in Amsterdam and still want to join this initiative, you can submit your text to and we can write it for you in your name 🙂
If you wish, you can add your telephone number to the letters to call the elderly receiving his or her letter. This will occur around Christmas time. If they do so, please mention that the letter is from international students, not Dutch students. This way the elderly are aware that they will have to speak English. Students can also add their addresses if they’d like.