• 17:00 - 19:30

  • Roeterseilandcomplex UvA, C1.01

  • FREE

The Mid-Autumn Festival a traditional celebration of the gathering of friends and family coming together, under the light of a full moon. For ISN Amsterdam this means eating mooncakes with your newly found friends in your new home.
Originally the moon festival stems from east Asia and celebrates the end of the autumn harvest. The festival combines the three festivities of gathering, thanking of a successful harvest and praying. ISN is welcoming everyone for a night of cultural exchange. This night is for Asia-fans and everyone interested in learning and participating in a cultural festivity.
During the activity, ISN will have speakers talking about the culture and origin of the traditions, as well as offering some time for discussion to promote the cultural exchange and the most important part food (BYO) and drinks.

IMPORTANT: for the potlock dinner, we would like to ask you to bring some dishes to share. Drinks will be provided. Admittance is free(just show up and bring your friends!). You can find the room C1.01 in the ABC building on the first floor of the Roeterseiland campus.