ISN Presents: Crash course Improv – International

Tuesday 18:00 – March 9th



ISN Presents: An hour of discovery of the world of improv with Laura and Gael from Flock Theatre.
Join the crash course for a quick introduction to Flock Theatre and their activities around improvised theatre, and a veritable dip in the world of improv through simple games, exercises and more.
The Zoom session will introduce you to the art of improv, by giving you a taste of what can be done. It is a perfect opportunity to meet Laura and Gael, who are teaching in-person classes from March onwards!
Sign up here for the Zoom event on the 9th of March at 18:30h:
You will receive a Zoom link in your mail on Monday the 8th of March.
If you’re interested in the course, ISN got you a nice discount too!
The international class “All-level – Playing with Languages” is using different levels of improv and languages as a gift and a way to connect to your partners on stage and the audience, instead of seeing it as an obstacle or a limitation.
This is the perfect opportunity to learn something new, no experience required at all!
Got excited and already want to secure a spot for the physical classes in March? and when using the discount code: ISNStudentDiscount you get 15euros off!