ISN Amsterdam Presents: Dutch Election System – crash course

8th March – Monday 16:00

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While you’re studying in Amsterdam, you might have noticed some billboards here and there that look like campaign posters of political parties… Well, that’s because they are! On the 17th of March, the biggest election of The Netherlands is about to take place for seats in the Dutch House of Representatives, also known as de Tweede Kamer!

Are you curious about our Dutch Election System? Want to integrate more into our Dutch culture? Or are you studying online at the Uva or Hva and wondering what is going on in the Netherlands?

This is your chance to get the know all the basics and more! Which also will come in handy when you’re chatting with a Dutchie.

Because did you know that there are currently 13 parties in de Tweede Kamer? Or that there are currently a whopping amount of 37 different parties are campaigning during this election?

This and many more facts and know-how’s about the election will be told at our upcoming online workshop. Joost van Spanje, professor at UvA and the University of London, and other guests will explain our Dutch Elections to you.
There will also be time to ask them anything about the election and its impact and every single other question you may have.

On Monday, 8th of March at 16:00, you can join us over Zoom so that we can tell you in an hour everything you need to know about the biggest election which only takes place every 4 years!