Erasmus in Schools “Choose your Language” – 22/23/24 May 2018
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    15:30-17:30, 22/23/24 May 2018

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Always wanted to go back to high school for a day? ISN proudly presents the first Erasmus in Schools “Choose Your Language” activities. 

Choose your language is an initiative organized by the Espirit schools in Amsterdam. It is a project in which languages such as Russian, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish and Arabic can be chosen by the Dutch high school students that go to these schools. These students, who are twelve to eighteen years old, sign up voluntarily and go to their chosen language class once a week. 


These classes are not only about learning the language; at the start of every project, a theme is chosen by the students themselves. For the upcoming months, the theme will be food! The students will get familiar with the foods specific to their chosen country/language and learn more about the culture in general. We offer you, as international students, the opportunity to participate in these classes! Have you always been interested in learning one of the above languages or are you already a native speaker in any of them? No matter your experience, you are welcome to join the classes of your preferred language.

On the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of May, the Espirit schools open their doors for you to engage in one of their language classes. The activity will be from 3.15 PM until 5.45 PM. When you sign up, you let us know your preferred day and language. After that, we will match you with a school which has a class in your preferred language on your preferred day. After the first time, there are plenty of possibilities for you to participate in the project some more if you would like to do that.

Hope to see y’all there!

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