Language Exchange Program

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Sign-ups for the second semester of 2020-2021 are closed now.

Would you like to make your time in Amsterdam even more enriching? Always wanted to learn a new language or improve one you already know? Would you like to engage in an exchange of languages? Then the Language Exchange Program is something for you!

The Language Exchange Program is meant for students who may have picked up a language while traveling, think a particular language sounds interesting and want to learn it, or maybe students who learned a language in school but have forgotten most of it… Basically for anyone who enjoys speaking, teaching and learning a certain language and interacting with fellow students.

Is this something for you? Based on your language preference and language skills, ISN Amsterdam will match you up (with the condition that our Integration Coordinator can find a match for your language preference). You will hear about your partner(s) on the 11th of March at the latest through e-mail. You will then also receive further details about the first meet-up. We organize this event for you to meet your partner(s) and to start your exchange of languages the best way possible!

Don’t necessarily want to learn a language but do you want to teach? Don’t necessarily want to teach a language but want to learn? No worries, we will try our best find you a suitable language partner!

For questions, send an email to