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Due to Covid-19 outbreak, ISN Summer Intro 2020 will not take place in its regular form. Nevertheless, we collaborated with different institutions to still deliver you a great start in Amsterdam. This summer you can find us, among others, during Intreeweek and HvA Experience. Follow our social media to stay up to date!


We hope to see you during Wintro 2021! You can find more information below.


ISN Wintro 2021

Welcome to all new students in Amsterdam, a lovely city with a rich history, culture, and traditions! Studying in Amsterdam will not only enrich your knowledge by broadening your horizons but it also enables us to build lifelong friendships with students from all around the world. ISN will help you with this by bringing you together with our unforgettable activities, events and trips. We hope that this way you can get the most out of your stay!


What better way to discover Amsterdam than during an introduction week? From the 28th 30th of January, ISN will organise the Winter Introduction Week. This week is designed to help newly arrived students to meet each other and discover our beautiful city of Amsterdam & the universities. These three intensive days will lay the foundation for your entire stay here. It is a good opportunity to make friends while engaging in interesting activities. 


During the week there will be numerous things to do including a city tour, a crash course Dutch, workshops, a sports day and great parties! Participants will be divided in groups guided by coaches (students who already know Amsterdam). The week will be a great introduction to the Amsterdam student life.


For a glimpse of our previous introduction week, check our video. 


Do you have any questions regarding this event? Contact the Introduction Coordinators:



Below we have created a program overview which gives you an idea how the week will look.

*NO REFUNDS & All activities at own risk*

Thursday 28th of January

11:00-11:30 Registration

Location: Delamar Theatre

Here you will be able to register yourself if you have not done so yet during the pick-up days. You will receive your wristband (entrance to all activities during the introduction week) and goodie bag containing some useful information and gadgets.

For the ones that did not register yet beforehand, there is the late registration. You might be able to get a spot. Be on time as the rule is First in First out 🙂

11:30-12:00 Late Registration

Get to know your coaches and group while grabbing some lunch in the area around the theatre.

12:00-14:30 Meet your Coaches

Get to know your coaches and group in the area around the theatre.

14:30-16:30 Official Welcome

The Official Welcome is the opening of both the introduction week as well as your exchange. It will take place at DeLaMar. You will get the chance to see both the representatives of the UvA and HvA, hear some real life stories of previous exchange students, useful tips for your stay in Amsterdam and many more!

16:30-18:00 Boat Tour

This will be your transportation towards the next venue. Yet, as it is a boat tour,  you will get the chance to experience Amsterdam from its famous canals!

*Included in fee*

18:00-20:30 Dinner

Location: Agora

A perfect opportunity to grab a meal with your group before the first night out in Amsterdam!

*Included in fee*

20:30-01:00 International Student Night

Location: Coco’s & De Bajes

This event will give you an opportunity to experience both Amsterdam nightlife as a bit calmer social activities!

De Bajes, our location for weekly Pub Quizzes, board game nights etc., will welcome you for some games and entertainment. A nice social night basically. We will announce more in the following weeks.

You will also get the chance to experience our famous International Student Night at Coco’s, which we organize every Wednesday throughout the year!

*Entrance included in fee*

Friday 29th of January

10:45-12:00 Breakfast

Location: @Kohnstammhuis and @De Brug

After the first day we will all be a bit hungry, therefore a Dutch lunch is a great way to start the day!

*Included in fee*

12:00-14:30 Crash Course Dutch and Workshops

Location: CCD at UvA REC + Workshops at CREA

As you perhaps don’t know the Dutch Language yet, we made sure that you would get the chance to learn some of the basics. Be prepared, you might be able to say a couple of sentences after this course!

Besides the Crash Course Dutch, we will offer some great workshops including dancing, painting, sculpting, writing, singing, etc. in CREA!

*Included in fee*

14:45-17:00 Museum Afternoon

More details to be announced soon.

*Included in fee*

19:00-20:30 Dinner

Time for you to rest a bit before another exciting evening.

20:30-01:00 Intro Borrel

Location: DOK

*Entrance and dinner included in fee*

Saturday 30th of January

12:00-13:00 Dutch Lunch

Location: Science Park

Time to pick up your tickets for the final party and fuel your body before some sports activities like bubble soccer and arrow tag!

*Included in fee*

13:00-17:00 Sports Day

Location: Science Park

Time to pick up your tickets for the final party and fuel your body before some sports activities like bubble soccer and arrow tag!

*Included in fee*

17:00-23:00 Break

Time to rest and prepare yourself for the last party of this eventful Introduction week. Perfect time to grab dinner with your group before coming to the party!

23:00-05:00 Final Party

Location: Paradiso Noord

Time to dance a little and enjoy some music with your new made friends!

*Entrance included in fee*

Are you an Exchange student from UvA or AUAS?

Then you should be joining ISN’s Introduction Week! This as ISN’s Introduction week is for exchange students that will be studying at either the University of Applied Sciences (AUAS/HvA) or the University of Amsterdam (UvA).

Registration UvA students

The University of Amsterdam will send you an email in which the information regarding the registration of the Introduction Week is explained. Enrolment + payment go through SIS. One day after enrolling you will receive another email containing payment details.

Registration HvA students

The University of Applied Sciences will give all their exchange students the possibility to indicate whether or not they are interested in participating in ISN’s Introduction Week. Further than indicating that you would like to participate no actions need to be taken as the University pays the fee for their participating exchange students.

A great way to get involved with internationals is by becoming the ISN Coach! Your main task will be guiding a group of international students through the ISN Introduction Week. However, you can imagine that you’ll become more than that. For most of the students you are their first (“Dutch”) friend, someone they can ask all kinds of questions about the Netherlands, and especially Amsterdam. In short, a great way to meet new people and have an amazing week!

During the introduction week, international students will be divided into groups of 15-20 people. Each group has two coaches leading them, if coaches sign up together, they will lead a group together. Coaches will guide the students through the program and make them familiar with Amsterdam. It is a fantastic way to make friends from around the world and meet some interesting people. An extra plus is that you can participate in the program for free!

What do we ask from you:

– Affection for international students

– Knowledge of the English language

– Knowledge of Amsterdam (i.e. do you know your way)

– Being available from the 28th – 30th of January is a must

– Being available during the coach briefing

Of course, you’ll get something in return!

– New international friends & Experience in interacting with different cultures

– Free participation in an awesome introduction week (including dinner and all activities!)

– Great parties

– ESN Card for great deals that you can pick up during the Coach Briefing (or buy for a special price of €2,5 instead of €10)

This is an opportunity you cannot miss! And did we already mention that you can ask a friend to become your co-coach?!


Sign up!

Are you interested in getting involved with international students? Are you available from the 28th till 30th of January? Make sure to sign up HERE and we’ll let you know when the coach recruitment begins!

ISN Amsterdam is hosting a design your own t-shirt contest!

Have you always wanted to design your own t-shirt and actually get it physically? This is your chance! Participate in this contest and maybe your design will be part of the new ISN Amsterdam merchandise! This is the moment to show your skills and talents!

Interested? Check out the rules and sign up here!

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Discover the beautiful city of Amsterdam and win!

Are you new in the bustling city of Amsterdam? Or do you simply want to discover Amsterdam a bit more with a group of newly made friends? That’s your chance!

During this challenge, you’ll experience a bit of Dutch culture by trying local treats, visiting popular attractions, and simply getting to know your fellow students better through fun activities!

Sign up now for the ISN Amsterdam Discover Amsterdam challenge! You can sign-up until September 6th 23.59 either alone or with a group of friends. You will receive a confirmation email with your group names, rules, and tasks within a week. Then you have time to finish the tasks until October 1st 23.59.

Do not worry, we also have some prizes prepared for you! You can win either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd prize. So follow our Facebook and Instagram to find out if your group is on the podium!

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