Introduction Week


ISN Wintro 2021

Welcome to all new students in Amsterdam, a lovely city with a rich history, culture, and traditions! Studying in Amsterdam will not only enrich your knowledge by broadening your horizons, but it also enables us to build lifelong friendships with students from all around the world. ISN will help you with this by bringing you together with our unforgettable activities, events and trips. We hope that this way you can get the most out of your stay!


The Winter Introduction (Wintro) will take place on Thursday the 28th of January 2021, and is tailored just for you to be prepared for your first days in Amsterdam. During this introduction day, ISN Amsterdam will introduce you to the city, the universities, the Dutch culture and language, and give you an opportunity to meet your fellow international students. We will make sure to give you an exciting start of your journey in Amsterdam!


During the week there will be numerous things to do including a city tour, a crash course Dutch, workshops, a sports day and great parties! Participants will be divided in groups guided by coaches (students who already know Amsterdam). The week will be a great introduction to the Amsterdam student life.


For a glimpse of our previous introduction week, check our video. 

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Below we have created a program overview which gives you an idea how the week will look.

Thursday 28th of January

11:00 Official Welcome + Amsterdam Survival Guide

During this video we will welcome you to the new city you will be studying in! Get ready for lots of tips and tricks, hotspots, how to deal with the Dutch people, but also useful suggestions that will make your student life much easier and more enjoyable. This part of the introduction week will premiere on our YouTube channel so you can always go back and rewatch something at your own leisure after the introduction week!

13:00 Culture workshop

This workshop with Guido de Wilde will help you see and deal with intercultural differences, and will also give you suggestions on how you can engage in a multicultural team. This workshop is especially useful as Amsterdam is a very multicultural city, which means you will be prepared on how to interact in group assignments in the upcoming period. During the workshop, you can also interact with other international and exchange students, so you might even make some new friends!

16:00 Crash Course Dutch

Gezellig! We’re going to learn some Dutch, so you know at least some basic words and sayings to make your life in the Netherlands a bit easier. During this workshop you will learn how to introduce yourself, but also how to order a drink at the bar. We know Dutch is a difficult language but with this workshop, we are sure that you will start off on the right path! The Dutch also appreciate if you speak a bit of Dutch, so it will also come in handy when trying to make some new friends!

19:00 Q&A + Speed Friending

If you have any questions left after this day, feel free to ask them during this session! And of course, after the main questions have been answered there is also time to meet other students and make some new friends. During this speed friending event, we will put you in smaller groups and play some fun games and give fun topics to get to know each other!

Participating is free, sign up HERE!

Are you an Exchange student from UvA or AUAS?

Then you should be joining ISN’s Introduction Week! This as ISN’s Introduction week is for exchange students that will be studying at either the University of Applied Sciences (AUAS/HvA) or the University of Amsterdam (UvA).

Registration UvA students

The University of Amsterdam will send you an email in which the information regarding the registration of the Introduction Week is explained. Enrolment + payment go through SIS. One day after enrolling you will receive another email containing payment details.

Registration HvA students

The University of Applied Sciences will give all their exchange students the possibility to indicate whether or not they are interested in participating in ISN’s Introduction Week. Further than indicating that you would like to participate no actions need to be taken as the University pays the fee for their participating exchange students.

Check our Survival Guide where you can find some useful links if you need some help as a new international student!

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