Isn Amsterdam

International Student Network Amsterdam is a student-run non-profit organization dedicated to helping international students studying at the Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA) and Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA) make the most of their stay in the Netherlands. ISN is part of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) which is an organization with 540 sections in 42 countries that makes sure you are going to have the time of your life studying abroad.

ISN aims to help foster student mobility by optimizing the social and cultural integration of international students in Amsterdam. We try to achieve this by organizing introduction days, parties, weekend trips, excursions and other cultural activities. We also promote contact with Dutch students through our buddy and coach system. ISN Amsterdam is in part funded by the UvA and AUAS. This collaboration with the universities enables us to offer low-priced activities to students. Members of the UvA and AUAS also provide the organization with supervision and support.

Every year about 2500 international students join ISN Amsterdam. Not only for the reasons mentioned above, but also because it’s the best way to meet fellow international students studying in Amsterdam. To become a member of ISN Amsterdam, the only thing you need to do is get your ESN card for just 10 euros. With this card, you will be able to join our activities at reduced costs and get various discounts across the city.

For any questions email: info@isn-amsterdam.nl

What does ISN offer you?


ISN offers a wide range of social and cultural activities to help connect students.


Join our wide range of tours & city trips on a discounted price.


Join us for the best parties in Amsterdam.


Our activities, membership, board- and committee positions are available to all UvA- & AUAS-students.


Join our introduction week & our buddy program to make your first friends, and join our integration activities.


ISN Amsterdam is interesting for all international & local students.

Mission and Goals

International Student Network Amsterdam (ISN) is a student-run organization founded in 1997, dedicated to helping international students who study at the University of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences to make the most out of their stay in the Netherlands. ISN also facilitates self-development for all students who wish to gain experience in running and supporting a student organization.

We help international students build up a social network; find their way in a new city, and stimulate the Dutch and other cultures’ experiences by organizing a wide range of social and cultural activities. ISN supports the integration of international students in a network of locals and internationals alike and firmly believes that this is an essential part of experiencing student life abroad. We aim to be a source of information on topics concerning living and studying in Amsterdam. Concerning ourselves with the continuous delivery of value to an ever growing network of students.

Our Vision is to enable an integrated, diverse, and international student community in Amsterdam created by students for students, facilitating mobility and exchanging culture, knowledge, and experience.

Meet the Board


The Advisory Board is a body of ISN Amsterdam, formed by ISN Amsterdam alumni, that works in a structured and collaborative manner in order to give advice and support to the current board.


Robin Lohrum


21, Business Administration

Hi, I’m Robin Lohrum, a third year Business Administration student. While originally from Germany, I also lived in China and Poland. Traveling a lot has allowed me to gain an affinity for foreign cultures. In my personal life I like to be physically active by playing rugby and going to the gym regularly. A failing cook to roommates’ dismay. However, this does not rule out my love for food, as I am always exploring new places to eat whether locally or abroad. I look forward to sharing my experience of Amsterdam with all incoming students and showing you the hidden beauties of the city. Always open to have a chat if you spot me around.

E-mail: president@isn-amsterdam.nl


Daniel Vitikainen

PR Coordinator

21, Media and Culture

Hey, I’m Daniel. I’m an international student from Finland who came to Amsterdam to study media. If I were to describe myself I would describe myself as a person who might be too calm for their own good. During my calm moments, I like doing creative activities like drawing, editing videos, and being too lazy to leave my room. Besides being a gremlin I like being dragged out to social events by my ‘friends’ and getting to know new people. So if you ever catch me not hiding in my room, don’t be afraid to say hello.

E-mail: pr@isn-amsterdam.nl


Nathalie Guillium

Vice-President & IT Coordinator

23, International Business and Languages

Hi! My name is Nathalie and originally from Germany. I have also lived in California for two years and did my exchange in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m happy to call Amsterdam my home since three years and you’ll most likely find me in one of the terraces, parks, cafes or at the gym. I just recently got a SUP, so catch me on the water if you can! I’m also adventurous so if I’m not in Amsterdam, I’ll probably be traveling. Fun facts about me: I only have one meniscus and I come from a small village called Titz.

E-mail: secretary@isn-amsterdam.nl

Diana Bonis

Activities Coordinator

19, Communication Science

Hi, I’m Dia. Born and raised in Romania, currently a second year Communication Science student at the University of Amsterdam and happy to be a member of the ISN Board 2020/2021 as the Activities Coordinator. When I’m not busy organizing ISN events, you can find me at the gym or enjoying a glass of good wine with an even better view. Exchanging good energy and aligning what makes me happy with what helps the world around me are two of the things that I value the most. Catch me smiling and laughing all the time and do not hesitate to ask for help or advice any time!

E-mail: activities@isn-amsterdam.nl


Wietske de Bruijn

Treasurer & Partnership Coordinator

26, Corporate Finance

Hi! I am Wietske, the treasurer and partnerships coordinator of ISN Amsterdam. I joined ISN after I went on exchange to Hoboken NJ, as I wanted to stay in the international vibe and help other students to get the best out of their time in Amsterdam. In my free time, I like to go out for dinner, travel and get to know new people. I hope you will all enjoy your time in Amsterdam and make this your second home. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about living in Amsterdam, ISN or anything else!

E-mail: treasurer@isn-amsterdam.nl

Romy Bijlsma

Integration Coordinator

24, Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology

Hi there, my name is Romy and I am the integration coordinator for ISN. I’m here to make sure you guys have an awesome time in Amsterdam! I have always worked on the beach, so I spend a lot of time by the seaside. I enjoy catching a wave or going for a swim. I’m a sporty girl who loves the sun. Or you can spot me in one of Amsterdam’s many cafe’s sipping a little bit of wine. Come say hello if you see me at the activities, I’m looking forward to meeting you all!

E-mail: integration@isn-amsterdam.nl


Bora Fidan

Introduction Coordinator

23, Accountancy and Control

Hi, I’m Bora Fidan! You’re probably reading this to figure out who I am, so here you go!: I’m 23 years old, Dutch with Turkish parents (that’s why I don’t look so dutch), and currently a student at the University of Amsterdam. But don’t worry my life isn’t just school, I also have many hobbies such as: videogames, photography, musical instruments (Saz), and if talking and meeting people is a hobby, I definitely count that one too! If you happen to see me around, don’t hesitate to say hi!

E-mail: intro@isn-amsterdam.nl


Arsal Rehman

Advisory Board Member

Former position: Treasurer, Board 2019-2020


Bianca Lucini

Advisory Board Member

Former position: PR Coordinator & VP, Board 2019-2020


Jonli So

Advisory Board Member

Former position: Introduction Coordinator, Board 2019-2020

I am Jonli and I was the Introduction & Social Coordinator a while back. I specialize in brand management, project management and concept creation. A well-organized person with an eye for detail and love being involved with the organization!

Weronika Korkuć

Advisory Board Member

Former position: President, Board 2018-2019

Lea Baro

Advisory Board Member

Former position: Secretary, Board 2018-2019

I am Lea and was the secretary 2018/2019. I loved the organizational and strategic elements in my tasks, learned a lot and met a lot of lovely people that made all the stress worth it. I enjoy working on improving group dynamics, recruitment, strategic planning and project management. My post-ISN life is mainly spent doing research in the area that can best be described as the overlap between politics and psychology.

Wahid Reza

Advisory Board Member

Former position: President, Board 2019-2020

Hi there! I’m Wahid and I was the President of the board in 2019-2020. Currently finishing up my studies in Economics and Business Economics while I look forward to a Master’s in Finance. Generally interested in management and the financial industry, while spending most of my free time on photography.

Ina Paredis

Advisory Board Member

Former position: Board 2017-2018


Heleen Straesser

Supervisory Board Member

Marlies Nijenhuis

Supervisory Board Member

dr. Radboud Winkels

Supervisory Board Member

Position: Dean PPLE College and Associate Professor Computer Science & Law


Guido de Wilde

Supervisory Board Member

Brechtine Detmar

Supervisory Board Member

Position: International relations manager – Faculty of business and economics, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Dinant Leegstra

Supervisory Board Member

ISN Board 2019-2020

From left to right: Arsal Rehman, Jonli So, Wika Mikusek-Le, Wahid Reza, Bianca Lucini, Tea Pham, Lynn Vos, Carla Olteanu

ISN Board 2015-2016

From left to right: Chloé Collette, Lilia Hendrikse, Etienne Buffing, Menouschka Plugge, Denise Coenegracht, Annabelle van Lieshout, Dick van der Sluijs, Annick Besançon

ISN Board 2018-2019

From left to right: Stefanos Papadopoulos, Carla Ojeda Bautista, Weronika Korkuć, Nena Grob, Lea Baro, Naomi van Geelen, Ludo Cialdella, José Paz Ferreira

ISN Board 2014-2015

From left to right: Maxime Schreurs, Karin Ribberink, Marley Hasselbach, Nikki Veerman, Julia Robeer, Kallista Kemink, Lydia Kooistra, Joshua de Groot

ISN Board 2016-2017

From left to right: Twan Meijers, Lianne van Breukelen, Emily Ding, Lisa Ottolander, Ina Paredis, Jernelissa Iradi, Helena Gerb, Willem Speelman

ISN Board 2013-2014

From left to right: Natasa van de Laar, Floor Oudendijk, Rik Swart, Femke van Weperen, Meike Bunt, Idris Maghiouzi, Anne de Heijde, Awa N’Gom

ISN Board 2016-2017

From left to right: Priya Panday, Hugo Zwetsloot, Nina van Stekelenburg, Hidde van den Heuvel, Krijna Opschoor, Kim Brands, Floortje van der Grienten, Tiemen de Graaff

ISN Board 2012-2013

From left to right: Jiri Staats, Maxime Schoonman, Anoek Baars, Floor Minnema, Vincent Cieraad, Merel Theisen, Patrick Germanus, Lisette van Namen